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  • Running TomCat 6 in Debug Mode under Windows

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    Posted on 11 March 2009 Sebastian Thomschke*/?> 2 comments

    While tracing some problems in one of my grails applications I had the need to do step debugging on a remote Tomcat server. Eventually I came up with the following lines to launch TomCat in debug mode:

    @echo off
    set JPDA_TRANSPORT="dt_socket"
    set JPDA_ADDRESS="8000"
    set JPDA_SUSPEND="y"
    catalina.bat jpda start

    Simply create a debug.bat file in TomCat’s bin directory and add these lines.


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    • Thanks, it worked for me with few changes:
      @echo off
      set JPDA_TRANSPORT=”dt_socket”
      set JPDA_ADDRESS=”8000″
      set JPDA_SERVER=”y”
      set JPDA_SUSPEND=”n”
      catalina.bat jpda start

    • For me its only working without “”

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